Cameron Bowyer | Portfolio Site

2D & 3D Graphics

3D Illustration: technical drawings

Renderings of pulp and paper components. Originally created in FormZ and exported to Cinema 4D for rendering.

3D Illustration: e-Learning Courses

Select screenshots from PureSafety courses.

These are screenshots selected from several sections of the course that feature 3D illustrations. Created using Poser and Cinema 4D.

3D Illustration: Graphic Series Kinetica Online

Banner Images for Kinetica Online: A New Companion Site to

This site is still under development but here are examples of some of the banner imagery I am developing for Kinetica Online. The image series starts deep within a neuron moving through the body eventually exiting the eye. Created using Cinema 4D.

Nucleus Lipid Bilayer

Neuron Interior

Neuron Field


Nuclear Core Complex

Single Neuron

Blood Flow

2D Vector Illustrations: Cummins Wastegate

Technical illustrations rendered for an orientation e-Learning course for Cummins Deisel

2D Vector Illustrations: Posters Freemark Information Services

Freemark information Services commissioned a series of posters as part of their corporate branding. The client asked that the poster design be reminiscent of vintage Canadian travel posters of the 1920s and 30s.

2D Illustration: Lost Bear Quilting

Logo Design
A design reminiscent of a child's quilt and indicative of what can be accomplished with modern quilting machinery. This logo was designed to be used as a stand alone logo or repeated as pattern.

3D Illustration: Greenfoot Waste 2 Energy Plant Concept

Concept drawing done in Cinema4D to show a possible building footprint for Greenfoot's proposed 5MWe Integrated Pyrolysis Regenerated Plant

Henrikson Financial

Two concepts developed for Henrikson Financial Services. The first a more traditional approach featuring the company Acronym along with a shield and a Sun Life-ish sun (Henrikson works under Sun Life). The second concept is more abstract, inspired by the phrase "into every life a little rain must fall" I created a swirl of raindrops transforming into sunshine. The sunshine ties the logo to Sun Life and is meant to imply that insurance coverage can protect you from those "Rainy Days".

The Shield concept was designed on iPad using the very cool Paper app.

Deals 4 Do Gooders

Logo and Wordmark Designs

Deals 4 Do Gooders puts more programs, services and money into communities but partnering merchants with community fundraisers to create local daily deals. The heart and the shopping cart are meant to tie the concepts of fundraising and e-commerce. The word mark and win3 logos feature the 4 main colours used throughout the site. The colour choices were inspired by New Orleans Mardi Gras.