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Video, Interactive and Multimedia

Animation Test

An animation test I took recently for a local animation house using Flash CS5.5

Web Mobilized Media Inc.

Customer support videos

Short video segments explaining various aspects of the mobile ad service platforms functions and features. Built using Photoshop, Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects.

Kitchen Parties

Web Banner Animation

An animated banner that played on the Kitchen parties website. Built using MacOSaiX, Cinema 4D and composited in After Effects.

Royal Canadian Navy

Web-based Officer Training Courses

Working through our partner Bravo-Zulu Productions Inc., Web Digital Media Services has completed assets for two e-learning courses for the Navy. Here are a sample of some of the illustrations we have been working on.


Web-based Safety Training Courses

I was employed at PureSafety for over four years as the Creative Director of Content Development. The majority of my time was spent on content production producing fully-functional online training courses, complete with complex animation. Occasionally I would also meet with clients and artists to work through content issues. I was also responsible for guiding the professional training development of our in-house artists.

This is a collection of screenshots from one of the safety training courses I developed over the four years. These courses were all developed using Flash and are delivered on line though a proprietary learning management system.

Overhead and Gantry Crane Safety

Lunny Communications

Museums, Science Centre, Theme Parks and Attractions

From 1998 until 2003 I was employed as a Multimedia Producer for Lunny Communications in Vancouver. Lunny specialized in creating engaging user experiences for museums, science centres and themed attractions such as the World Expos.

Dave Promo Webisodes- Episodes 1 and 4

I wrote, produced and did the audio for these webisodes. Animation was done by the very talented Allan Puaca. The client wanted to create some buzz prior to the launch of an e-learning game targeted for high school students. Throughout the game players glean details on the skills and education one would require for a career in software development. In the first webisode we are introduced to Dave, the company's old server who has been downgraded to an email server. In episode 4 Dave learns that something is wrong with the new server and that the company needs him back in his old job. The game picks up with Dave being assigned to assist you in solving the mystery of what happened to the company's new "intelligent" server. Requires Flash.

Solar System Exhibit Demo

The front end of the Solar System interactive kiosk built in 2002 for the Saudi Science and Technology Centre. This interactive built with Flash embedded in Director allowed visitors to embark on several missions to gather data throughout our solar system. Due to the custom nature of this interactive, I am only able to demonstrate a sample of the front end interface that greeted users. Requires Flash and takes a minute to load.

Oceanography Exhibit Highlights

Selections from the Oceanography interactive kiosk built in 2002 for the Saudi Science and Technology Centre. Over 30 minutes of 2D motion graphics and 3D animation provides a rich overview of marine life in the Red Sea and the Arabian Gulf.

Cellular Processes Interactive Kiosk

Various eukaryotic cell structures and processes are demonstrated using 2D and 3D animation. This exhibit is found in the Living World Gallery at the centre.

Videos: Cellular Processes

Origins of Language Interactive Kiosk

One of my first interactive projects. Guests were invited to type their names using the onscreen keyboard. When the Return key was pressed an animation showed the letters in your name reverting to earlier and earlier letter forms tracing back to their origins.

Biotech Career Planning Kit and Website

The BioMars kit is designed to fit into the provincial science and career planning curricula, and combines edu-tainement learning with serious science and a comprehensive career resource. The kit provides opportunities for users to learn about career opportunities in biotechnology; learn what skills and thinking processes are involved in biotechnology careers; explore the interviewing process and human resources management principles; engage in problem-solving, critical thinking, evaluation as well as team-building. The kit contains: - The BioMars CD-ROM - A Career Adventure Game - The Biotech Career Reference Guide - The Biotechnology Career Teacher's Guide - . . . And a free BioMars Career Adventure Poster

Expo 2000: Hannover Interactive Exhibits

A sampling of some of the 12 Flash/Director interactive exhibits created for the Energy Pavilion at the world's fair in Hannover, Germany.

24 Hours of Power

Balance and timing are the key in this activity. Visitors try to meet the cities power needs throughout the course of a 24 hour-day. By manipulating the output from coal, nuclear, wind, hydro and solar power plants the user gains a understanding that cost, availablility and environmental issues must be considered when creating a sound electrical power strategy.


MagicBox refers to the manner in which petroleum is refined in to a number of useful products. Players review the general concepts of petroleum refining and then play the challenge round where they interact with the distillation tower (MagicBox) variables to produce a specific amount of a particular petroleum distillate.

Energy Mix

An interactive database of electricity consumption around the globe. Visitors select a region of the globe to see the total annual electricity consumption, export and import.


Advances in technology allow comupters to operate our transit systems in efficient ways. In this activity, visitors attempt to control a subway train as efficiently as a computer. They must make all scheduled stops and must do so without wasting electricity through excessive acceleration and braking. The second of three "human vs computer" games.

Energy Mix

An interactive database of electricity consumption around the globe. Visitors select a region of the globe to see the total annual electricity consumption, export and import.

Renewable Energy

Not really a game per se. More of an overview of renewable energy technology and where it was being used in the world.

Energy Mix

An interactive database of electricity consumption around the globe. Visitors select a region of the globe to see the total annual electricity consumption, export and import.

Traffic Of Goods

Another human vs computer interactive. Players tried unloading containers from trains and loading them onto ships faster than the computer could. The problem was that ship and train capacities seldom matched so the player had to decide which trains to bring in to minimize loading and unloading times.

Home Applications

Many technologies are designed to give us more leisure time. In Home Application the visitor must tidy his apartment in a conventional way, with the use of a vacuum cleane and he must do it as fast or faster than the efficient robatic vaccum cleaner of his neighbour.

This game became a bit frustrating for players due to the fact that controlling the vacuum cleaner with the kiosk's joystick controller was difficult. The computer almost always won and hardly anyone felt it was a fair match.

Troll Platform

An exploration of one of the world's largest (if not the largest) oil and gas platforms. Quicktime VRs throughout the platform give visitors a sense of the scale and complexity of this engineering wonder.


I created this motion graphic for the front of a commercial we put together to promote the Okanagan Society Of Independent Filmmaking.

Maze Game Trailer

Maze was a game idea I was toying with. I put this little teaser together to generate some buzz for the folks at Community Futures to whom I was pitching the idea.

Molson Indy Vancouver 2001 & 2002 Corporate Sales CD-ROM

12 Fast Years was how the final Molson Indy Vancouver CART Race was promoted. This disc was designed to assist in the planning and promotion of corporate ticket packages.

The disc features stills, video and audio from the event. I do not have the rights to show any of the video here. But there is a small swf of one of the sections. It shows how the interface works and has some nice little flash animations of audience stats. The last "next" click just clears the screen at the end.
CD-ROM interface. Requires Flash and takes a minute to load.
CD-ROM screenshots.


Little snippets of personal or professional development projects I have done over the years.